Rain can make it difficult to stay on the roadway, to stop, or every driver’s worst nightmare to avoid a crash!  According to the California Highway Patrol, auto accidents increase by over 203% in the rain. This is especially true at the beginning of a rainstorm when roads are dry.  When it rains . . . debris like oil, gasoline, and dirt rise on the surface and create a greasy road surface often resulting in slippery roads.

We have put together 5 easy ways to help you avoid a crash when in rain:

1. Slow Down:

This is an obvious but important tip.  Driving slower will create more distance between your vehicle and the other drivers.  It also allows for better reaction time.  Rainwater causes grease and oil built up on the road to surface and tires tractions suffer as a result.  Driving slower will allow for better tire traction and control over your vehicle. If you start hydroplaning, release the gas and steer straight until you regain traction, tap brake if necessary

2. Use your headlights:

In the rain, it’s often hard to see very far ahead.  Headlights are a helpful tool to watch for the reaction of the driver ahead, brake lights, and veer off maneuvers. Keep a safe distance from the car in front of you to allow time to brake slowly and avoid skidding on the wet surface.  Use your headlights to see ahead and stay as far from the car in front of you as possible.

3. Brake Gentle:

Since the roads are slippery, stopping the wheels too quickly may cause them to lose all traction with the road.  In the case that skidding occurs, remain calm and do not make sudden turns because doing so may make the skidding even more dangerous.  Just try to remain calm and steer straight until you feel the car regain traction.

4. Look out for pedestrians:

Rain does not mean that people are not traveling on foot. If you are on the road, you should be vigilant for pedestrians and cyclists at all times. When it rains, pedestrians can become distracted when fiddling with a zipper of their rain jacket or trying to open their umbrella.  Be on the constant lookout for people walking in the rain.

5. Avoid using your cruise control:

During the rain allow your foot to be near the brake pedal. This is imperative to allow you slow down and regain control of your vehicle in the event your car hydroplanes.

Of course, it’s better to take as many precautions as you can to stay safe.  But, these suggestions should also help keep you and your family safe.

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